A Sack of Jacks

I’ve long heard about a hole-in-the-wall hamburger landmark in Dublin, but I’ve never made myself go in and try a burger.  The rumors were mixed with praises to all out disgust.  I just couldn’t shake the fact that a business that had been there since 1935 had to be doing something right.  This week I visited Dublin and decided that I would have to try Jack’s Hamburgers.  Jack’s is literally a half store front with a bar running the length of the restaurant.  The mini hamburger joint is putting out hundreds of “Krystal” sized burgers a day.

Brace yourself, it could get crowded in here!

Brace yourself, it could get crowded in here!

They also have hotdogs and chips, but that is the extent of the menu.  Don’t even worry about trying to ask what to try.  It’s simple…there are single and double burgers with ketchup, mustard and onion (All the Way), hotdogs and chips.  My advice.  If you want a real Jack’s experience, go in and get a sack of Jacks, doubles and all the way of course.  You can get multiples of two, but I’d say get at least four.

Jack's Hamburger

The burgers are small nonetheless and they are so fresh and steamy, it would make a Krystal blush.  For me, I felt almost like I was eating a soft and small homemade sloppy Joe, hold the sloppy.  It was incredibly delicious and one of those things that understandably would make you have a craving for a sack of Jacks.  If you’re heading through Dublin on US Highway 441, you DON’T want to miss a stop in at Jack’s Hamburgers.  Get a sack so you too can know what all the locals have known for the past nearly 80 years!

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