A Food Commitment

Miller Union, Atlanta, GA

Miller Union, Atlanta, GA

The food movement to sustainable and local grown produce, meats and products has changed the way diners experience food. For Miller Union of Atlanta, it’s all about the commitment to sustainable practices and maintaining relationships with local purveyors and producers. This ongoing committment is the reason celebrity chefs like Alton Brown have “never had a bad meal there” and why Anthony Bourdain stopped for his fill during an episode of “The Layover.” It’s real food handled with respect to preserve the natural, real flavors of the veggies, meats and even old-school cocktails.

I had to start the meal off with one of the specialty cocktails. These were the real deal. The kind of cocktails that you’re not going to be able to replicate at home. The Miller Thyme was my pick and it was the best Gin based cocktail I have ever tasted. As you can imagine, it was infused with fresh thyme for the added aromatics that cut through the tart and sweet.

I’m a big fan of Anthony Bourdain and during his visit to Miller Union he raved over the farm egg baked in celery cream. Of course I wasn’t going to miss out on what kept Bourdain going back for more and more.  The farm egg certainly lived up to my expectations.  It was soft baked in a rich and smooth celery cream.  It was deeply flavorful, but it was evident that it was most likely a result of really good ingredients.

egg with celery cream

For my main, I was having quite a time deciding.  I love quail and the duck breast was tempting too.  As I continuously perused the menu, I finally decided to forgo meat all together on this one and just go for the vegetable plate.  This wasn’t an ordinary vegetable plate either.  It was a beautiful selection of the freshest, locally grown veggies you could find.  As you’d suspect, the vegetables change based on availability, but on my plate was grilled Vidalia onions with the greens attached, beets with olive oil, braised greens, roasted sunchockes and shiitakes, and a medley of carrots, turnips and parsnips.  All of the veggies were outstanding, but my favorite was the braised greens.  The were hearty, seasoned perfectly and cooked so that there was firm texture.

veggie plate

It was an outstanding meal with impeccable service.  I’d put Chef Steven Satterfield’s skill and menu up against any other in Atlanta right now.  I was in love with the committment and in love with his food.  Kudos to Miller Union!

3 thoughts on “A Food Commitment

  1. Just finished reading your Guide to Georgia’s Homestyle Restaurants – so many great places to eat in Georgia and so little time! One glaring omission from my experience is The Bulloch House in Warm Springs – check it out……TB

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